Letter from the Chief Executive Officer


Salvi Folch

We are Jumex! For over six decades our company has walked together with our consumers, offering high quality products in Mexico and more than 40 countries. We are committed to our employees, customers, society, country, and planet to be better every day. Grupo Jumex has held the loyalty of its customers for more than 60 years and we want to reciprocate them by being an example of sustainability. Our business strategy is adjusted every day to have clear, formal and measurable objectives in environmental, social and corporate governance topics. Today we publish our First Sustainability Report, in order to disclose some of our objectives and share with you the achievements made to date.

Throughout the process of elaboration of our products we generate direct employment to more than 6,450 workers and many indirect jobs derived from the processing of fruit from Mexican fields, where we collaborate with producers of orange, apple and guava among other fruits, as well as with the communities where our operations are located. The well-being of our employees is a central issue for us. We apply fair labor practices and are committed to offering adequate working conditions to our employees, respecting their rights and providing a work environment that allows them to develop properly.

In recent years we have seen how the interrelationship between companies, society and government has become relevant to promote care for environment and social development, in addition to the fact that we have faced important challenges due to the effect of the pandemic and the effect of climate change. This forces us to operate with greater social, environmental and corporate governance awareness.

We are
committed to
measuring and reducing
our environmental
impact through
specific programs
and awareness
throughout our
value chain.

In this regard, despite the health crisis, we managed to maintain jobs of all our people and have an operational growth with the acquisition of a plant in Tuxpan Veracruz. This allows us to be closer to the fruit we process and the communities with which we work hand by hand. We invested in infrastructure projects for the Frijolillo community, benefiting more than 1,500 people, making orange producers have closer delivery points and thereby reducing the cost of transportation, decentralizing our operation in Mexico City, and contributing to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases by the use of fuels in transportation.

Likewise, we carried out the construction of a new plant in Monterrey, Nuevo León to produce our export products, which was designed under the LEED sustainable building certification standard, achieving a LEED Silver Level certification.

Our goal has always been to surpass ourselves by discovering new ways of doing things, innovating in our products, processes and packaging, and expanding our portfolio. This would not be possible without the effort, dedication, and teamwork of those of us who make up this great family.

We maintain constant operational improvements to reduce the consumption of electrical energy, we always seek the efficient management of our waste and we are making great efforts to achieve circularity by integrating recyclable and biodegradable materials in our packaging.

For 13 consecutive years we have obtained the Distintivo Empresa Socialmente Responsable granted by Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI), demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility. An example of this is that, through Fundación Jumex, we promote education and art with which we reached more than 120 thousand people who visited Museo Jumex or attended educational activities.

With these actions we seek to strengthen our communities, the environment and our employees so that our products continue to reach families around the world.

The future presents us with challenges in the financial, logistics and availability of raw materials, however, we have a continuous commitment to our stakeholders, and we will continue improving to be an ally for our employees, suppliers, customers, consumers, and the community.