We do things

with care

for the world.

+ 95%

of our waste is recyclable and reused

Since our beginnings, we have worked every day to get the best out of the fruits and bring to the tables of each family a wide variety of juices, nectars, and world-class beverages, without compromising the balance of the environment which provides our inputs.

Climate Strategy

We are working on developing a climate strategy to frame and direct the actions we implementing focused on reducing our carbon footprint.

Since 2013 we started a water, gas and electricity program, Jumex AGE. We invite our employees to join different initiatives that they can carry out in their daily lives, and also implemented improvements within our operation.

Sustainable agriculture

Every year we transform more than 200 thousand tons of fruit into world-class products.

We invest and bring resources that give life to the field so we can harvest the best fruits.
Some of our best practices in this regard include:

In 2019 we installed biofactories that generate agricultural inputs from organic elements.

In 2019 we donated 4,800 apple and mango fruit trees in Chihuahua and Oaxaca.

It is proposed to resume training programs for producers to improve crops, eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides through the creation of Agricultural Operation Centers.

Water management

We have defined metrics and initiatives, designed to use water more efficiently.

1.614 liters/bottled

liter Intensity in water use

Energy Management

The energy we use at Grupo Jumex is for the operation of our manufacturing plants, corporate offices, and distribution centers, while the fuel is for steam generation for manufacturing processes and transportation.

0.037 kWh/liter

packed energy intensity

1.155 kWh/kg

concentrate fuel oil intensity

0.148 kWh/bottled

liter gas intensity

GHG emissions


Scope 1
Direct emissions CO2


Scope 2
Indirect emissions CO2

Waste management

We use different recycling, reduction and reuse strategies, also our packaging is fully recyclable. We seek to actively contribute to the solution of the global crisis of packaging pollution.