We do things

with great people.


employees received performance evaluation

Having a beverage lineup that is among the most recognized by consumers in Mexico would not be possible without the dedication and commitment that our employees give every day to produce, distribute and market beverages of the highest quality.

Well-being and labor practices

In Grupo Jumex our staff is made up of 6,454 people who share the same mission, vision, and values to offer products that have earned the trust of Mexican families.

We value diversity of age, gender, origin, nationality, marital status, ideas, opinions, religion, social or economic situation, preferences, and ways of thinking because we know they complement our team and strengthen it.

We offer equal opportunities in the processes of recruitment, selection, hiring, promotion, and performance evaluation, as well as universal benefits, regardless of the type of contract.

During 2021, 1,673 new employees joined our workforce.

Training and development

We promote the professional and personal development of our employees by offering them different training alternatives.

In 2021 we offered 11 hours of training on average per employee.

Among the initiatives that we made available to our staff to improve their skills are:

Scholar support for employees

Instructor certification

Development of competencies and technical and soft skills for work

Internal audits program with international certificate

Leadership program for directors, managers, leaders, and supervisors

Occupational health and safety

We care about the physical and mental integrity of our people, so we implemented health and safety initiatives focused on risk prevention and assistance in cases of emergency.

We have a management system in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE), which aims to mitigate risks, reduce work accidents and control business losses by establishing good operational practices.