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Jumex 0%

was recognized as the flavor of the year 2021 in the category of juices and nectars

We are committed to providing our customers, consumers and the community with healthy and delicious hydration experiences for every moment of the day through our beverages.

Nutrition and health

We have a portfolio of healthy and sugar-free beverages that anticipates the needs of our consumers.

During 2021 we did not report any non-compliance with regulations related to health impacts or labeling.

Único Fresco

is a 100% natural product with no added ingredients. 100% natural, 100% unique. We select fruits of the highest quality to achieve a natural nutrition experience with a unique flavor.

Jumex 0%

gives you a reduced calorie alternative, without added sugar with the best of ready-to-drink fruit.

Customer and consumer satisfaction

Our goal is to deliver quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers, ensuring their satisfaction.

We transform our portfolio according to their changing needs, innovating with new beverages, or adapting our formulas.

This year, Global Quality Certifications of México recognized Jumex 0% as the 2021 Flavor of the Year in Juices and Nectars category.

Community Engagement

During 2021, we were recognized as a Empresa Socialmente Responsable (ESR) by Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI).

During this year, we rehabilitated 5.5 kilometers of the road to the community of Frijolillo in Tuxpan, Veracruz and supervised the work of the bridge that connects this town, benefiting more than 1,500 inhabitants of various communities surrounding our Tuxpan Plant.

Fundación Jumex

At Jumex we are committed to promoting individual well-being, as well as the collective development of Mexican society in the artistic, academic, and educational fields.

In 2001, Fundación Jumex was born, which promotes its mission through two complementary programs:


dedicated to supporting the production of contemporary art and independent projects.


committed to improving visitors' ability to understand and appreciate contemporary art.

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